About the Frycast

Fry Days in PGH is a podcast dedicated to the wonderful world of fried potatoes.

Pittsburgh is known for putting French fries on everything, so it was only a matter of time until they collided with a podcast! Angelica Ross interviews Pittsburghers who are cool things in the ‘Burgh over a plate of french fries. When you listen to Fry Days in PGH, you’ll be treated to interviews with unique people and rad places to eat our favorite fried potato. Occasionally, there will even be recipes for you to DIY at home!

Fry Days In PGH originally was going to be a blog thanks to the word-herding abilities of the fry-founder, but it never happened for some reason. One day, she realized it was supposed to be a podcast. So here we are.

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Meet the Maker

Angelica Ross is, first and foremost, a writer in Pittsburgh. She’s a storyteller by nature and loves finding the right words that connect with an audience. She believes in the power of a new notebook, the healing properties of cinnamon rolls, and that she’s four people according to the serving size of most recipes.

When not inhaling fries, Angelica owns AngelicaRoss.co and works with small business owners to refine their business’s social media and copy. She also writes about beer for Breaking Brews and is involved with Pittsburgh Libations Week. Occasionally, a post about life and style and such will pop up on Gardening In High Heels (yknow, because there isn’t enough writing to do around here.)

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