Batch 02: Amanda Narcisi on the Power of Connecting Pittsburgh

Pommes Frites and Podcasting at The Foundry

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Amanda Narcisi is the creator of BOLD Pittsburgh. We discussed the importance of supporting local businesses at The Foundry on the North Shore over a plate of poutine and pommes frites. I discovered BOLD’s evolution and how Amanda has used her editorial power for good to spread the word of new restaurants, great breweries, fun events, and everything in between.

Many thanks to The Foundry for hosting us and providing us with delicious fries. Their chef, Mike, even shared their fry process with me. As any good French fry would, these babies start out as full-grown Idaho potatoes. They’re cut and washed (that removes excess starch). Here’s the part I want to steal when I make fries at home: they rest overnight in a salt brine. OMG. Then, they’re fried and seasoned.

I want to keep you on this site for as long as possible, but seriously, just download the episode and run your ass over there now. If you don’t do that after seeing the pictures at the end of this post, there’s something wrong with you and you need awesome lessons.

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Bar area at The Foundry on the North Shore

Eat With Your Eyes

Pommes Frites and Beer at The Foundry

Pommes Frites and Podcasting at The Foundry

Amanda Narcisi from Bold Pittsburgh on the Fry Days in PGH Podcast   Poutine at The Foundry on the North Shore


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