Batch 04: Doug Derda is Here to Discover Pittsburgh’s BBQ Style

Basket of fries from Rowdy BBQ in the South Hills

In This Batch…

Doug Derda is on a mission to discover what Pittsburgh’s BBQ style is. We ate amazing brisket and chili fries at Rowdy BBQ while he schooled me in the art of the BBQ. We also discussed the similarities between the BBQ and craft beer worlds and some places in Pittsburgh who are making killer BBQ.

Suggested beer and BBQ pairing:

  • Victory DirtWolf IPA + Ribs from Rowdy BBQ
  • Belgian Wit + Chicken or (slash and if you’re feeling like meat sweats!) pork

Connect with Doug

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Selected Links from This Batch


Get Your Own Fries At…

Rowdy BBQ in South Hills on Rt 51

Eat With Your Eyes

Basket of fries from Rowdy BBQ in the South Hills

Fries and brisket from Rowdy BBQ

Chili fries at Rowdy BBQ in the South Hills

Chili fries and malt vinegar at Rowdy BBQ in the South Hills

Doug Derda from Yinz Love BBQ demonstrating good brisket

Gotta love a good brisket pull!


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