Batch 05: Tori Mistick on Instagram and Being a Stylish Dog Mom

Dipping fries in garlic aioli at Franktuary

In This Batch…

It’s the first pawdcast! I had a very special guest, Lucy, and her human, Tori Mistick. Tori is a Pittsburgh dog mom who spreads her stylish views on her blog: Wear, Wag, Repeat. Over a plate of plain fries with garlic aoili at Franktuary during their Sunday dog-friendly hours, we talk about her dog adventures, how she won Best Pet Blog Design at the BlogPaws 2017 Nose to Nose Awards, and why Instagram is a powerhouse for businesses and bloggers.


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Selected Links from This Batch


Get Your Own Fries At…

Tori Mistick and Lucy at Franktuary during Dog Night Sundays

Eat With Your Eyes

Podcasting for the Fry Days in PGH Podcast at Franktuary in Lawrenceville

Plain fries and garlic aioli at Frantuary in Lawrenceville

Garilc aioli with french fries at Franktuary

French fries and Franktuary

Dipping fries in garlic aioli at Franktuary

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