Batch 06, Part 1: Madeline Quigley on Food Writing and Pursuing your Dreams

BRGR fresh cut fries and truffle cheese whiz

In This Batch…

Madeline Quigley is a food and travel writer in Pittsburgh. She’s also a content marketer and freelance writer. Basically, she writes all the things. In Part One of Two, we discuss how she followed her dream, which led her to travel around Europe before becoming a Pittsburgh food writer and a travel writer. We also talk a bit about what you can do now to become a writer.

This is a special episode because it’s the first of a two part series. We just couldn’t shut up, so you’re treated to an extra helping of fries and conversation. In Part Two, we talk more about getting started as a writer and the behind-the-scenes things that go into advertising. She also tells you how to get down Fifth Ave through Shadyside and Oakland with all green lights. If you listen to any podcast, listen to that one. But, please listen to the others because I worked really hard, like my washing machine, k? Find that episode next week.

Also, this series with Madeline will be the last batch with some less-than-crispy audio. New equipment is on its way and will be here for Batch 7 and beyond! Thanks for listening anyway.

Continue on to Part Two here when you’re done!


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*Please note: Amazon affiliate links are used in the book selections. You pay nothing extra, but purchasing those titles through these links will provide me with a small bit of  money. Fries aren’t cheap, yo!


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BRGR in East Liberty



Eat With Your Eyes

BRGR fresh cut fries and truffle cheese whiz

Fresh cut fries and truffle cheese whiz

Madeline Quigley FryDaysinPGH Podcast Recording at BRGR


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Continue on to Part Two here when you’re done!


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