Batch 9, Part 1: Trevett Hooper Makes the Perfect Fries

Butterjoint Fries and Aioli

In This Batch…

Trevett Hooper is the chef and owner of Legume Bistro and Butterjoint in Oakland. In Part One of Two, we talk about food influences, cookbooks, and how he came to create the perfect fry with just three ingredients.

This is another special two part episode (like Madeline and I in Batch 6). In Part Two, Trevett and I discuss the changing landscape of food in Pittsburgh. We dig into food reviewers, restaurant incubators, and more.


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*Please note: Amazon affiliate links are used in the book selections. You pay nothing extra, but purchasing those titles through these links will provide me with a small bit of money. Fries aren’t cheap, yo!


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Eat With Your Eyes

Butterjoint Fries and Aioli

Butterjoint on FryDaysInPGH Podcast

Butterjoint Fries and Aioli on FryDaysInPGH Podcast

The restaurant at Butterjoint

The bar at Butterjoint

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