What you must order from each Truck Yeah! Preview Party food truck

The Standard Fries from Pittsburgh Sandwich Society Food Truck

Pittsburgh is a magical place for food trucks. No matter where you turn, one pops up. It’s like saying Beetlejuice, except here, you look in your rear view mirror and say, “Fries covered in cheese sauce,” three times and *poof* a food truck appears.

We’re so food truck obsessed, a new food truck park is debuting tonight. Pittsburgh Food Truck Park is opening in Millvale and you best believe I could not be happier. They’ve partnered with Winslo6 to bring you the most epic food-truck-and-beer roundup this side of the Allegheny.

From Pittsburgh Food Truck Park’s site, they explain:

Located in the Millvale Riverfront Park and on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, we are bringing together some of Pittsburgh’s favorite things. The Pittsburgh Food Truck Park will feature a daily rotation of the area’s favorite mobile food vendors, a beer garden rotating more than 30 local drafts, a performance venue, an event space, and game yard—all at the river’s edge.

Located at 1923 Riverfront Drive along Three Rivers Heritage Trail, there’s easy access from all along the Allegheny River to bike, skate, or generally boogy your ass over there for a truckin’ good time.

The Truck Yeah Preview Party & Round Up kicks off at 5pm tonight and runs until 9pm. There will be eight food trucks, 12 craft beers, two wines, games, and live music Johnny Walylko and Pete Peters Breaking Brews has you covered on the who, what, and why of the park. I, naturally, know exactly what you need to eat.

In honor of the Truck Yeah Preview Party tonight, I present: the must-order item from each truck in attendance tonight.

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society

I was introduced to Pittsburgh Sandwich Society at the Google #SmallThanks roundup over the summer at Heinz Lofts. Their Hot Pittsburgh Chicken Sandwich lives up to its name. So if you need some carbs to cool down your mouth, you need to get their fries.

The Standard: Hand Cut Fries to be exact. I mean, just look at that picture. I don’t think I need to say more.

The Standard Fries from Pittsburgh Sandwich Society Food Truck

Photo courtesy of @pghsandwichsociety Instagram

The Coop Chicken and Waffles

I’m no southern belle, but I’m also no stranger to chicken and waffles. There’s something about perfectly-breaded chicken that works so well with a slightly-sweet waffle. Then you have the texture juxtaposition: crunchy and fluffy (because, let’s face it, if a waffle isn’t fluffy, you did something really wrong.)

Basically, you can’t go wrong with a big ol’ plate of chicken and waffles from The Coop Chicken and Waffles. But I have my sights set on the cinnamon roll waffle. A cream cheese frosting drizzle completes the perfect dessert waffle.

The Coop Chicken and Waffles Cinnamon Roll Waffle

Photo courtesy of The Coop Chicken and Waffles Facebook


Franktuary is my French fry sanctuary. Their garlic aioli that made an appearance in Batch 5 with Tori Mistick is the textbook definition of perfect aioli. And the poutine. Oh, the poutine!

While I love piling my hotdog with all the special toppings at the restaurant, I need a Standard dog when I go to a roundup. There’s something about eating a hotdog outside that makes all the frills obsolete. Plus, the specialty toppings will just weigh you down and you can’t consume as much from other trucks. Get the Standard, add ketchup and relish, and enjoy the extra room in your stomach for even more food.


Sushi is a no-brainer from Nakama. But sushi from a food truck? I admit, I’ve been skeptical, but it works! I love a good Shrimp Tempura Roll (again, that texture thing!)

For the roundup tonight, though, you want to go with the California Roll. It’s light and perfect for splitting as an appetizer to begin your food truck journey.

Pgh Po’boy

When your name is Pgh Po’boy, I feel like the menu choice is a no-brainer. The Shrimp Po’boy is incredible. It’s piled with juicy shrimp – no squandering of the crustaceans here – and is topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and a sauce with the right amount of spiciness. Plus, it’s HUGE. This sandwich is perfect for sharing (so you can get the maximum amount of enjoyment from all the trucks tonight) or taking half home for lunch tomorrow.

Pittsburgh Po'boy Shrimp Po'boy

Photo courtesy of @pghpoboy Instgram

Pittsburgh Smokehouse

I’m channeling my inner Doug Derda from Yinz Love BBQ on Batch 4 for this recommendation. I was introduced to Pittsburgh Smokehouse at Brew Gentlemen many moons ago and I’m slightly biased, but because this was my first Pittsburgh BBQ experience, I have a special place in my heart for Pittsburgh Smokehouse. And their pulled pork.

Their pulled pork is out of this world. It’s smoky, tender, juicy, and served on the softest bun you can find. The bun is basically superfluous, it’s just there to hold all the meat. And of course, their BBQ sauce is fantastic. Just a bit sweet, tangy, and perfectly complements the smoked flavor.

Doce Taqueria

No lie, I’ve been craving tacos all week. In the words of Nelly Bertram, “What I wouldn’t give for a big mess of tacos.”

If you’re starting to feel the meat sweats from your BBQ, a vegan taco from Doce Taqueria is where it’s at. I know, it sounds odd, but the textures and flavors work together so well. Crispy potatoes topped with refreshing avocado, pico, lettuce, cilantro, and lime.

Sinkers & Suds

Sinkers & Suds cute little vintage trailer is the perfect home for mini-donuts and coffee – they say doughnuts. I say donuts. They’re both right because it means “delicious bites of fried sugar dough topped with even more sugar.”

Here’s my recommendation. Get yourself a nightcap from the 12 beers or 2 wines on tap tonight and ask them to suggest a donut pairing. A stout obviously needs a chocolate donut of some kind. Or perhaps a classic donut with an IPA to take away some of the bitterness. A red wine would pair nicely with a donut topped with a raspberry glaze, like they did with Helicon’s Raspberry Wheat Ale and their Razzle Dazzle Sinkers.

Sinkers and Suds Razzle Dazzle Sinkers

Photo courtesy of Sinkers & Suds Facebook


No matter what you try tonight, you can’t go wrong. This looks like a fantastic lineup of trucks. Paired with libations and lawn games, Pittsburgh Food Truck Park has created a great space to enjoy Pittsburgh’s food truck scene all year.

Truck Yeah Preview Party and Round Up at Pittsburg Food Truck Park located in Millvale Riverfront Park


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